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Mirror of the sky, as the same name suggests because it is reflected in the sea, Specchiolla is one of those place which makes the Salentina coast a jewel envied to us by all the world.
Specchiolla, which is ten kilometers from Carovigno and eight from San Vito dei Normanni, lies on the ss 379 Bari-Lecce between Ostuni and Brindisi. Wonderful beaches and comfortable reefs, cover the many kilometers of coast while the age-old olive trees and natural unpolluted oasis enourmous expanses, offer the suggestive sight of the faunistic and floral beauties of the more and more rare mediterrean spot. Moreover, thanks to its central position and closeness to the superhighway and railroad, from Specchiolla it’s possible to reach easily the most renowned resorts of our land of Apulia: Ostuni with its characteristic white city, Castellana with its caves, Alberobello with its “trulli” and then Lecce which, because of the charm of its churches, palaces and sights, has been renamed “Florence of the south”. And, for those who did not want to go far away, it is possible to visit in all their splendour, the castles, the farms and the baronial palaces history has left us intact.
Been born as a tourist resort, Specchiolla is ready to satisfy every type of need. It has hotels, tourist villages, campings and moreover many private citizens let their houses. In themany restaurants can be found the flavours and excellence of the old-world Apulia cooking popular in all the world made of “orecchiette”, chops, meat-balls. In the food shops and bazar of every kind can be bought also pork products, “taralli”, pickled in oil and winegar vegetables and above all oil and wine, unparalleled riches of our land..

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